Mini Mouth Monster Mirror Posters

These mini Mouth Monster posters and tip sheets fit perfectly on the bathroom mirror – children will remember to start and end the day with Monster-busting and brushing! …

Little Teeth Truths: Can cavities be spread through saliva?

Question: Can cavities be spread through saliva? Answer: It’s likely common knowledge that illnesses such as the flu and the common cold are contagious. But many parents might be surprised to find out the bacteria that causes cavities is also contagious, and can be passed along through saliva! As a parent or caregiver, this is important to keep in mind when going about your

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#1 Most Cost-Effective Way to Prevent Tooth Decay

Understanding Protective Stabilization

Children require much more than “one size fits all” especially when it comes to dentistry.  Just because there are two, 4 year olds, does not mean they will behave the same.  Their maturity, experiences, and parent’s attitudes towards dentistry are different and these affect the child’s behavior. A pediatric dentist has many different tools in their “bag of tricks.”  These include:  Tell/Show/Do, Voice Modulation,

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News Not So Sweet About Sugar In Cereal

Before pouring your child a big bowl of cereal for breakfast, think about this.  The Environmental Working Group came out with a list of the 10 WORST cereals. #1:  Honey Smacks                                    55% sugar by weight #2:  Golden Crisp                  

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