Laura and Amber
are Dental Assistants. They are specially trained in working with children. Besides their excellent dental skills, they will make your child feel at ease with their playful, friendly approach. They have received extensive training in the management of spirited patients and those with special needs.

Hygienists-Maryanne and JeanineMaryAnne and Jeanine are our Hygienists. Their goals include introducing and maintaining oral health through preventive care appointments. Their skills help our little patients overcome their fears by introducing the teeth “cleaning tools”. They educate parents and patients by talking about plaque (germs), the importance of brushing, and nutrition.

Litz Kidz Dental Office Staff - Denetia, Bethany and LoriDenetia, Bethany and Lori are our business staff. From your first call, they are eager to answer questions regarding appointments, insurance claims and payment options. We will work with you to set appointments that meet both your child’s dental needs and fit your busy schedule. Insurance is an important aspect of your overall dental care, and we will work to help you maximize your benefits.

 Our Kid Friendly Staff are trained in many aspects of helping children have a positive attitude toward their dental experiences.