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Dr. Stephanie Litz
Dr. Stephanie Litz

“My primary goal as a pediatric dentist is to mold lifelong attitudes toward dental care. Positive experiences reinforce a lifetime of good dental health. We can create these positive experiences while at the same time completing the necessary dental treatment. Children must be approached with a fun-loving and caring manner.” Learn More About Us

Hello to all my patients and their families.

We Are Back!!!
We have been working hard, gathering supplies, preparing the office, setting new protocols, and training our staff in the new protocols. Things will be different when you arrive. We are addressing three different areas: 1) Patient safety, 2) Staff safety, and 3) Office safety.

Regarding Patient Safety: 1) Appointments will be scheduled further apart to keep patients from interacting and allow for proper sanitizing of the room once the patient leaves. 2) We will be asking you questions regarding your exposure to the virus and taking temperatures. 3) If possible, we ask that you do not bring extra people to the appointment. 4) Please notify us by telephone when you arrive in the parking lot (317-831-KIDZ (5439)). 5) Stay in your car and we will call you when we are ready to seat you in the room (this eliminates any exposure to you in the waiting room). 6) We will be placing a small sheet over the patient (like a blanket) to help collect sprays created by work being done.

Regarding Staff Safety: The staff will be wearing surgical gowns, masks, face shields, and gloves. We will be taking their temperature regularly, and asking them the same questions regarding exposure to the virus daily.

Regarding Office Safety: Extra time will be allowed to sanitize rooms. This includes: 1) Allowing time for dust to settle, 2) Throwing away all disposables, 3) Wiping down all surfaces not covered, 4) Replacing laughing gas tubing and masks, 5) Throwing patient cover sheet into the washing machine, 5) Cleaning the floor, 6) Sterilizing instruments, and lastly, setting up for the next patient.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 317-557-2409. Keep smiling and brushing, and PLEASE BE SAFE!

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Todd is learning about good dental health. Help Todd achieve teeth success from AM to PM!

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I am proud to be an American Board of Pediatric Dentristry Diplomate! What is an ABPD Diplomate?
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Family Testimonials

“After taking our daughter, Nicole, to a few different dentists for treatment, we were referred to Dr. Litz. We have found her and her staff to be very patient, kind, and knowledgable in regards to Nicole’s treatment. She no longer hates going to the dentist!”
A. LaVullis